Vehicle Tinting Services

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  • 09.17 - Tinting4

    Tinting windows since 2009

    Tamworth Tints offer a professional and affordable tinting service using the best window tint in the following grades.  

    • Limo black
    • 20% dark smoked film
    • 35% medium smoked film
    • 50% light smoked film
    • 75% ultra light smoked film

    Sunstrips and customisation are also available, please contact us to discuss your requirements in more detail or request a quote now.

    We are based in Amington, Tamworth and can offer our customers appointment times to suit.  

    Reduced Glare

    Reducing glare from other vehicles lights, reflective surfaces and the sun.

    UV protection

    Tinting will also help to keep the suns harmful UV rays out of your vehicle.

    Heat Reduction

    Our film keeps your vehicle cooler, heat is reflected away from your vehicle maintaining a cooler interior.

    Increased Safety

    In the event of the glass breaking, the tint will hold the shattered pieces in place rather than spraying all over the interior, the driver and any passengers.

    Guaranteed Work

    All work is carried out to high standards and guaranteed to last.

    Improve Security

    Shielding the interior of your vehicle from prying eyes, tinting can help keep the contents out of sight.  Should someone attempt to break into your vehicle, they will also find it much harder to push the glass inwards.

    Head & Rear Light Tinting

    Apply SPI Vision Tint to your lights to enhance and customise your vehicle.


    Plain and customised sunstrips available from £40*

    Windscreen Tinting

    Apply a fully UK compliant windscreen tint.