Head & Rear Light Tinting SPI Vision

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    What is SPI Vision?

    SPI VISION is a specially designed film that can be applied to headlights and rear lights on vehicles to enhance the look and give a tinted effect.

    Is it legal?

    Yes the film has been created with and tested to the current MOT regulations and standards required by VOSA and independent examinations and rigorous testing has been carried out to ensure that once fitted all legislation is met.

    Does it effect the performance of my lights?

    Headlights tested proved there was a very slight difference in the brightness but the beam and pattern is not affected.

    Can it be removed?

    As this is a film it can easily be removed at any time.

    For peace of mind and as this is a new product on the market there are the results of the independent examinations and the current MOT legislation available too all customers who chose too have SPI VISION. This is available and we recommend you take this with you to your MOT Inspection if you have any doubt.