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New Vehicle Services - Coming Soon!

We are always looking to offer our customers the best services and are pleased to be able to increase our range of services on offer to include the services detailed below.  If you would like more information or to book in for any of these services simply contact us today. 


What is hydro-dipping?

Hydro-dipping also known as immersion printing, water transfer printing, water transfer imaging, hydro dipping or cubic printing, is a method of applying printed designs to three-dimensional surfaces. This process can be used on metal, plastic, glass, hard woods, and various other materials.

Vehicle re-mapping

What is vehicle re-mapping?

The way your engine works is down to Engine Control Unit (ECU) which is essentially a computer.  This can be programmed in different ways.  Your ECU can be programmed to increase the performance of your vehicle. 

What are the benefits?

After a vehicle re-mapping you should notice an immediate difference in the response of your vehicle, your engine will be more responsive, so you should find overtaking easier!  You can obtain greater bhp and even more miles to the gallon.

Aren't default factory settings going to be better?

No - Vehicle manufacturers will often use default settings that take into account climates and laws from across the world, they will need a setting that accommodates all of these factors.

Manufacturers can also limit a vehicles performance to release a faster model at a later date without having to make any other changes than to the software on the ECU.

What about my insurance? 

We recommend always checking with your insurance provider before undergoing any work to ensure your policy remains valid.