Benefits of using Tint

Solar Heat

Reducing heat to keep your environment at a more comfortable temperature by using performance reflectives, subtle neutrals for listed buildings and Nano technology and ceramic based films for virtually undetectable appearance on both glass and polycarbonate applications.


Maintain your view by reducing irritating glare for example on computer screens, display boards and school touch screen white boards, all without the need for the use of closed blinds.


With soaring energy prices it has become ever more important to reduce the need to use air conditioning or other artificial cooling systems. Our film installations can boost energy-efficiency, reduce your carbon footprint with proven paybacks and return on investment.


All our films block upto 99% of the sun's UV light, the main cause of fading to precious interiors. Our installations will help to protect your interior furnishings and stock from damaging UV rays.


Our ranges include reflective, opaque or translucent films, which could give complete black-out privacy or allow you too see out but keep unwanted prying eyes from seeing in, even just adding a frosted look to maintain natural light, there is a film to suit your needs.


Having a professional window tint installation creates all year benefits by reducing costly heat loss during the winter and reducing heat gain in the summer.


Certified safety films will upgrade glass in situ to reinforce glass and keep dangerous shards in place in the event of breakage. Thus enabling you to conform to current glazing regulations and provide safety protection for occupants.


With glass being one of the weakest points of a building, vulnerable to burglars and vandals even storm damage it seems sensible to protect your valuables. With an invisible barrier delaying the ability to access your property and minimise hazardous flying shards of glass.


Anything from an industrial explosion or terrorist attack the range of films available will keep shattered glass intact and protect buildings, occupants and interiors. Specially designed to absorb blast shock waves and hold glass together, It is an insurance policy for your glass providing protection when you need it most.

Decorative / Aesthetics

Window film is able to transform glass with a fresh new look increasing value and comfort within the building. Be it a total renovation or a simple logo or manifestation. This could lead to attracting more tenants for office buildings to raising the brand awareness of your company. The list of films and types are vast, adding colour and light to your business, limited only by your creativity.